Klep’s opens its first shop dedicated to the art of living for dogs.

Sophie Marceau, Karine Ferri, Vahina Giocante… call for an end to the breeding of mink for their fur

All this suffering for a raccoon dog puffer collar? For false mink lashes? The breeding of fur animals is increasingly contested by all those who are speechless by the poor existence of these animals brought into the world for the softness or the robustness of their coats, considered as a raw material to be exploited to the maximum, Killed in a barbaric manner.Long confined to the restricted circle of the pioneers of the cause, an ethical and philosophical questioning spread.

The plea against the commodification of animal fur is not new: we know the photo of Brigitte Bardot taken on the ice floe in 1977, a whistleblower afflicted by the fate of baby seals torn from their ice nest with pikes, skinned alive, left dead on red snow next to panicked females licking their young in an attempt to resuscitate them - this in all legality.A cruelty just as blatant, the breeding of these martyr animals that are minks continues in France.Five companies are still in activity.However, the textile industry has long developed high-quality synthetic copies and major brands now work without animals - Burberry, Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Jean-Paul Gaultier , Vivienne Westwood, to name but a few.Even sarcasm has ended up receding in the face of the achievements of ethology and neurosciences, which prove right to the defenders of animals long rejected after 'a trial in sentimentality.

Today, while Barbara Pompili was recently appointed Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, eight women decide to use all their notoriety to get things done, their initiative in addition to that of three captains of the digital industry , Xavier Niel, Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Marc Simoncini, who are asking for a referendum of shared initiative so that new laws in favor of animals are passed, including one to ban fur farming.

Posted Date: 2020-07-29

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