Klep’s opens its first shop dedicated to the art of living for dogs.

Klep’s opens its first shop dedicated to the art of living for dogs. post thumbnail image

Klep’s opens its first shop dedicated to the art of living for dogs.

Two years after the launch of its online store, Klep’s opened its first store in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, perpetuating the philosophy of the e-concept store, which is to offer healthy and authentic products for dogs, but also second-hand accessories such as clothes and toys.

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary for your dog? Would you like to offer your dog organic food? Are you looking for alternatives to conventional dog care products? Klep’s. This concept store devoted to the art of living for dogs has just opened its shop in Paris, 2 years after the launch of its online platform, kleps.com. The address is 31 rue du Jour, in the 1st arrondissement, near Halles and rue Montorgueil.

Klep’s offers everything but “bling bling or traditional, cheap or ultra luxury”. The products “rhyme aesthetics and quality”, off the beaten track, but without ostentation. They have been carefully selected from 40 suppliers from around the world: France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Canada, the United States, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

On the food side, you’ll find quality BARF kibbles, trays, supplements, treats and products that are produced according to organic and natural principles and adapted to the dog’s physiological needs.

On the accessories side, you will not lack of choice between the different models of collars, harnesses, leashes and baskets made of natural materials, ceramic bowls, kennels / mats, hemp or crochet toys, biodegradable and scented poop bags … For the care of your 4-legged friend, shampoos, sprays, ear lotions, protective balms and other products with essential oils will allow you to maintain his hygiene and well-being naturally at reasonable prices.

Klep’s products make great gifts for yourself and your dog and your loved ones.


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